Saturday, October 15, 2011

the rules

the rules, part I & II
installation for the LEA art shows
InterACT! curated by Lori Landay
Hyperformalists curated by DC Spensley
opening october 15, 2011, 1pm and 2pm SLT

the installation consists of two parts. in each part, 6^3 cubes are distributed over a space of 7^3 cubes. the spatial configuration of the cubes is slowly changing over time. the visitor can walk or fly through the space or just watch it. it is possible to navigate through the space - some cubes will act like an elevator moving the visitor one level up, others will move away to open a new corridor.
in part I, each cube reacts to interaction - touching, sitting on it, or colliding with it. part II of the installation reacts to interactions performed by the visitors of part I. the specific reaction of each of the cubes is not due to random chance but is determined by an inner logic - the rules.

see saveme oh's blog for some fun critique and a machinima by laurel leavitt.

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