Selavy Oh has been created as an avatar in the virtual world of Second Life in February 2007. Since then, she has contributed work to various curated and uncurated projects, such as Brooklyn Is Watching, the Museo del Metaverso, "Kiss The Sky", and ARENA. Selavy presented work in several solo shows including Arthole Gallery, ArtSpace at Design Island, IBM exhibition space, and East of Odyssey. Her work was among the 30 best of year 1 of Brooklyn Is Watching in 2009, and she was selected to participate in the exhibition “Brooklyn is Watching Best of Year 1: The Final Five” displayed at the Brooklyn gallery "Jack The Pelican Presents" (see also here). She participated in collaborative projects such as DC Spensley's ZeroG SkyDancers, performed together with Misprint Thursday and Jeremy Owen Turner, and did ad-hoc installations together with Alan Sondheim, Ichibot Nishi, and Gazira Babeli. From January to May 2009, she has been artist-in-residence at Nur Moo's sim Formes Nocturnes. In 2011, she received the Yoshikaze residency and the LEA land grant Currently, she works as artist-in-residence within Mab MacMoragh's Soup project. She is a member of the NPIRL-group and the Odyssey collective.
Her latest big installations include a collaborative work with Roy Ascott, Elif Ayiter, and Max Moswitzer shown in Seoul, Korea in 2010, at the ISEA 2011 in Istanbul, Turkey, and in Shanghai, China. Her residency work CONSTRUCT was shown at Humlab, University of Umeå, Sweden. She also won one of the first LEA land grants for the installation der schauer/transformation, (see Exhibitions).
Her work has been covered in several blog posts and podcasts, examples are listed below (titles abbreviated, no particular order):
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