Wednesday, September 1, 2010


LPDT2 is the Second Life incarnation of Roy Ascott’s groundbreaking new media art work La Plissure du Texte (“The Pleating of the Text”), created in 1983.

LPDT2 will be projected into Real Life in Seoul, Korea during the INDAF new media art festival held at Tomorrow City, Songdo, Incheon, throughout September 2010 (link to project). The project will also be open to visitors in Second Life during this month, starting from September 1st. See here for an in-depth description of the project (text by Alpha Auer).

Roy Ascott’s project has been co-authored in Second Life by Selavy Oh (programming and architecture), MosMax Hax, aka. Max Moswitzer (architecture and terrain) and Alpha Auer + Alpho Fullstop, aka. Elif Ayiter (avatars and soundscape). Further associates are Frigg Ragu, aka. Heidi Dahlsveen (avatar animations) and i-DAT from the University of Plymouth, UK (Real Life SMS input). Special thanks go to the University of Applied Fine Arts, Vienna, who have made the project come to life through the provision of their Second Life island for the duration of the show.

More information at the official LPDT2 website. Slideshow by Alpha here (this video is also shown at the Shanghai WorldExpo in the Madrid Pavillion in the program of OpenThisEnd).
See sentences sampled by the text generator and selected by visitors at the twitter stream!

Teleport directly to the installation here.
Download custom sky settings for the Second Life viewer here!

See Mab MacMoragh's machinima and her blog post, Frigg's machinima, Clarissa Ribeiro's blog, a German blog post by Stephanie Posselt, and Garrett Lynch's blog post! but that's not all, the installation has been used to shoot fashion pictures, make machinima or use it as backdrop for sl photography (see the flickr group).

scripted chair cam, video taken by mosmax hax

Ascott R, Ayiter E, Moswitzer M, Oh S. LPDT. Metaverse Creativity 1:81-100, 2010