Monday, August 9, 2010

a space to talk

letters provided by mosmax hax

performance on tuesday august 10, noon SLT, at the Odyssey Performance Art Festival 2010 (teleport).

selavy oh will be present during the whole performance. the duration of the performance is determined by the visitors.

during the performance, every letter chatted by the visitors is transformed to a prim-letter, which is created above the visitors. the artist will not participate in the chat. the letters are forming a structure, similar to a frozen fountain, above the visitors. since only a limited number of prims can be created on a given simulator, the performance ends as soon as there are no more prims available. at the end of the performance, the duration is announced and all letters fall down onto the visitors. after some time, the letters start floating away.

see my odyssey picture album, mab macmoragh's slide show, nicolex's machinima, and the official machinima by liz solo! read garrett lynch's blog about the event.

second performance, renamed to the limits of communicative space, saturday september 26, 1:30 SLT at ECNCS for the opening of the french Centre national du costume de scène et de la scénographie. the performance unexpectedly lasted 4523.758 seconds, that is almost 1.5 hours, and the letters used over 9000 prims. the organizer marc moana was generous enough to let the performance run until the very end.