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construct @ humlab

code for 75 days

Yoshikaze "Up-In-The-Air" Second Life Residency presents 

CONSTRUCT by Selavy Oh

11 - 18 May 2011 @ Humlab, Umeå University, Sweden
Opening Hours: 8am - 4pm Weekdays

Opening: 11 May between 1:30pm - 4pm 
Artist-Talk at the Opening via Second Life at 2pm

Curated by Sachiko Hayashi in collaboration with James Barrett at HUMlab

"CONSTRUCT is a 75-day project performed during Selavy Oh's residency at Yoshikaze/HUMLAB. Selavy Oh was present every day adding one cube representing one day to the installation. The resulting installation built of 75 cubes, most of them reacting in various ways to the presence of visitors, can be conceived as collection of dynamic time capsules, a spatial blog or diary, that transforms time to space and thus breaks up the inevitable causality of its development by folding it to a multidimensional ensemble allowing for novel relations between its constituents. Moreover, the single days continuously exchange their positions, resulting in an everchanging labyrinth of cubes - some days even becoming inaccessible - which allows the visitor to discover new connections and associations that go beyond formal or semantic similarity." (Selavy Oh)

For the HUMlab RL exhibition, Selavy Oh adds another dimension to her inworld installation by exposing codes she has employed for the construction of her work. By letting a code represent each day of her residency in the same manner as her inworld cubes, Selavy Oh's CONSTRUCT conceives a highly conceptual artwork, in which multiple representations can be cross-referenced and examined via a thread of a day, revealing creative process of interconnections, transformations and even contrasts between virtual construction, subjectivity and the behind-the-scene hardcore coding. (Sachiko Hayashi)

Mab Macmoragh from Soup/Lovers Lane Studio has kindly contributed with a 23-minutes-long beautifully edited machinima of CONSTRUCT to the RL HUMlab exhibition. Mab Macmoragh's thirty-seven "mini" machinimas, each depicting various scenes from Selavy Oh's inworld installation, are online and can be viewed at SL: Selavy Oh's construct

Yoshikaze "Up-in-the-Air" Residency is a Second Life residency programme run by Sachiko Hayashi together with SL HUMlab sim manager James Barrett from HUMlab, Umeå University, Sweden. As part of HUMlab, its 3264 sqm land in Second Life supports SL artists in their pursuit of virtual art practices and researches. For inquiries, please contact:
Yoshikaze is funded and hosted by HUMlab, Umeå University. Original exhibition poster design by Carl-Erik Engqvist.

See summary by Jim Barrett.

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