Monday, February 14, 2011


remembering the future
imagining the past

for the upcoming residency, i chose to construct a dynamic structure - one component for each day of the residency - that can be accessed by my visitors. each component will be a place-holder for the day it has been built. the components may contain artefacts, sounds, interactive elements, or may be empty. once the space is filled, the residency will be over.

the residency will be filled with time. the space will be over. the structure may be empty. the component will be dynamic. the visitor is chosen. the artefact may be accessed, sound be interactive, elements be place-holders. each day will be a space. each time will be filled. the residency is upcoming. the residency is over. the day has been built. the components may be filled. the space may contain time. i chose to construct.

more info at yoshikaze.
teleport to HUMlab.
see also the blog posts at soup by Mab Macmoragh.
watch chair cam sequence at day 29.
time lapse video until day 60.
camera sequence shown at HUMLab.
Oberon Onmura's blog post at New World Notes.
blog post by

thanks to Jeremy Owen Turner for suggesting selavy for this residency.

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