Thursday, June 18, 2009

three samples

three samples
three samples was conceived for the primavera exhibition at angelgate. after my previous experience at that sim, where i had to create a work without scripts and came up with decomposed, i decided to make another unscripted work, but this time completely non-interactive. it is a recording, a frozen moment in time, the application of the physics engine to a couple of prims stopped in time, and caged in a simple white box. read also soror nishi's blog post. a notecard offered a brief explanation:
"three samples" is a small static work composed of 30 white prims presented in a small white cube. The composition of the work results from a simple experiment: three poles of 10 rectangular prims each are exposed to the effect of the physics engine for exactly one second.
for the interested reader, this work is once more a reference to marcel duchamp, this time to his work on chance, the trois stoppages etalon.

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